Improve Sales Performance While Scaling Headcount

Improve Sales Performance While Scaling Headcount

Improve Sales Performance While Scaling Headcount

Improve Sales Performance While Scaling Headcount

All-In-One Sales Platform

OPSIQ is the only software you need to run your inside sales team.


Real-time reporting

Coaching and development

Pipeline management and forecasting

Automated lead management and distribution

Demo scheduling / live transfer functionality and reporting

Coaching and Development Is Front-and-Center

Coaching and developing your sellers is the #1 way to improve sales performance. We facilitate this by enabling real-time call coaching, displaying call recordings to address coaching opportunities inside OPSIQ, and displaying reporting so your team can quickly identify and take action on sellers’ biggest opportunities for improvement.

Most Efficient, Effective, and Enjoyable Dialing Experience

We increase your sellers’ dials by making it faster, easier, and more enjoyable to call prospects. And, with our call queue functionality, we make each dial more effective.

Out-of-the-Box, Real-Time Reporting

Save time figuring out the right metrics to review and configuring dashboards to track them – we do it for you. And, all of our dashboards are real-time, which enables your team to take action faster to close more sales.

Automated Lead Management and Distribution

We customize and automate your lead distribution and rules of engagement to help you get the right leads to the right sellers at the right time. This results in converting more leads into sales while giving you more visibility and control over your database of leads.

Pipeline Management and Forecasting

We improve your visibility into the details of your sales pipeline so you can make better sales decisions faster. And, we improve the quality of your sales forecasts by calculating the probability of closing each lead based on its stage in the sales process.

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